Sri, Indie

I wanted to thank you once again for this wonderful semester of Polish lessons. I found this semester to be a huge leap for me in terms of concepts, grammar and vocabulary. I thoroughly enjoyed your particular style of teaching, and appreciate how well you identify our individual gaps from previous classes and quickly revise the same after a few classes. I would love to continue my learning with you.

Asli, Turcja

Marta has given me a lot. She is a patient, careful and creative teacher. The dynamic of the course is always high. My concentration is not breaking. Most importantly, Marta managed to keep me in class. Thank you very much to her.

Jay, Argentina

I had Marta as a teacher for 3 levels, she is a very motivated and energetic person, her classes are interesting and interactive. The content is usuefull in a day to day life. As her Student, I felt the progress quickly. Complicated topics are made easy with her method of teaching.

Anne Marie, USA

Marta is a really good teacher! I have had many Polish teachers over the years and they are all different but Marta is one of the best. I love her classes. She is extremely patient. She is very knowledgeable. Marta goes the extra mile and is a great listener. One of her best qualities is that she seems to enjoy teaching very much. Her classes are a lot of fun and she cares very much about her students. She answers all questions and accommodates her students. Her students show progress and Marta uses a lot of variety and lessons that her students are interested in.

Ahmad, Bangladesz 

First of all I was very demotivated to learn Polish. I already tried 3 places but those weren’t suitable for me, the technique of teaching or lack of teaching experience. But here with Marta it was very good. In my opinion Marta tried her best to collect resources from outside also not only from books.